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New Financial Hit For Anti-Vax parents

Losing more family benefits

New Financial Hit For Anti-Vax parents

Another financial hit is coming for parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids - they'll be docked $28 per fortnight in Family Tax Benefit A payments.

The Government says it'll serve as a constant reminder to families to have their kids' jabs up-to-date, unless there's a medical reason not to do so.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter will announce the change today, to kick in next year.  He's told Newscorp there's "no excuse for parents who, without a valid medical reason, choose not to immunise their children”.

“These parents are not only putting their own children’s health at risk, but the health of every other person’s children at risk, too,” he said.

It's an update to the "No Jab No Pay" policy that was brought in last year, docking the Child Care Benefit and Rebate and the end-of-year supplement to Family Tax Benefit A. It has seen small increases in the vaccination rate nationally:

  • For one-year-olds the rate has increased 1.35% to 93.63%
  • For two-year-olds it's risen 1.75% to 90.06%

Though there are pockets where the vaccination rate is far lower.