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REVEALED: Top Five NBN Complaints

Up a further 160 per cent.

REVEALED: Top Five NBN Complaints (PHOTO: Lifehack)

The disastrous National Broadband Network is causing headaches for more and more Australias, according to the Telecommunciation Ombudsman (TIO).

Complaints have skyrocketed a further 160 per cent in the 2016-17 financial year, with 27,195 lodged to the TIO. 

While for the first time since the NBN began rolling out more complaints were made about Internet than phone connections.

Nearly 4,000 complaints related to slow data speeds.

Most Common NBN Problems:

1. Connection delay 
2. Unusable internet service
3. Unusable landline service 
4. New landline connection delay
5. Slow internet data speed