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Mother Of 5 Year Old Left On School Bus Calls For Donations For Theme Park Visit

Social media backlash

Mother Of 5 Year Old Left On School Bus Calls For Donations For Theme Park Visit

The Logan mother at the centre of a bizarre story this week, after her 5 year old daughter was reported missing and then found sleeping alone on a locked school bus, has now deleted her social media profiles. 

Police and members of the public took to the streets around Jimboomba on Monday afternoon, looking for 5 year old Alyssa.

Initially, it was believed Alyssa had missed the school bus, but it was later revealed she'd snuck onto the bus without the driver's knowledge.

Alyssa was found at around 7.30 at night, when she was seen and heard banging on the windows of the bus which had been locked and parked at the Logan Coaches depot. Police say she'd been sleeping on the back seat of the bus, out of the driver's view. 

Alyssa's mother, Bobbie Langdon, took to Facebook to thank the search crew for their efforts and point the finger at the school and transport company. She's also been asking for donations towards a theme park visit with Alyssa, as a way for her to recover from the ordeal. 

Bobbie has copped more than 24 hours of online criticism for her parenting style and the donations request, with many questioning why the girl was on the bus without adult supervision.

This morning, Triple M Brisbane's Big Breakfast opened the can of worms.. is it right to be blaming the bus company and driver for the situation?

Listen to the chat here: