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More Than Four Tonnes Of Drugs And Precursors Seized In Massive AFP And Border Force Operation

Record-breaking operation

More Than Four Tonnes Of Drugs And Precursors Seized In Massive AFP And Border Force Operation Image: Supplied

The Australian Federal Police have managed a record result as a part of a combined operation with the Australian Border Force, with nearly more than four tonnes of drugs and precursors seized.

Following information from Thai authorities, investigations began into suspected large-scale imports of drugs into Sydney.

On Friday September 15, police detected a sea cargo shipment containing more than 1000 cartons containing bottles of iced tea. 

Testing of these bottles returned a positive result for ephedrine in one third of the cartons.

This amassed to approximately 3.9 tonnes of liquid ephedrine.

Ephedrine is a precursor to making the drug ice.

Image: Supplied.

Raids were then conducted in Cabramatta, Rydalmere, Westmead and Revesby on October 4, with two arrests made. 

A second investigation concerned a sea cargo container which held 50 drums of a liquid plaster solution.

Seven sealed packets of a white crystalline substance were found inside each drum, which is understood to have tested positive to methamphetamine.

Image: Supplied.

The total amount of methamphetamine contained in the drums is estimated to be around the 350 kilogram mark, with an approximate street value of $350 million.

“We know our country has an insatiable demand for narcotics, and criminal networks will use every concealment method possible to get their harmful substances past our borders,” Commissioner Colvin said.

“This is not a problem we can combat alone, and is why rely on the strengths of our partnerships. Stopping not one, but two, large-scale hauls of illicit substances before they could reach our communities is something all those involved should be proud of.”