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Mid-Air Emergency Over Sydney Due To Engine Failure

Pilot, "Engine fooked!"

Mid-Air Emergency Over Sydney Due To Engine Failure

There's been a mid-emergency involving a China Eastern flight from Sydney to Shanghai overnight with the plane forced to turn around after suffering massive engine failure.


Flight MU736 was forced back to Mascot shortly after take off at 8.30pm when cabin crew noticed damage to the air inlet of the left engine.


A gapping hole on the external cover of the Airbus A330.

One witness telling Seven news, "We like went up in the air and all of a sudden I heard like a 'dit, dit, dit, dit, dit, dit (shuddering noise)' - and it was really really loud, but no-one really panicked while it sort of smelt like burning."

There are even reports of resident's in Sydney's south-west around Mount Annan and Spring Farm hearing some sort of explosion.

The flight was forced to circle for about an hour before landing safely with investigations now underway.

Passengers were put up in nearby hotels and are due to catch another flight later this morning.