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Men Have Five Hours More Free Time Per Week Than Women

More time to lend a hand

Men Have Five Hours More Free Time Per Week Than Women Image: Pexels

Men have 43 hours of leisure time per week compared with 38 hours for women, a new report has found.

The UK report, published by the National Office of Statistics, suggests women are picking up the bulk of unpaid work including household chores and childcare, according to The Telegraph.

"Leisure time for women could be less than for men because although women are more frequently engaged in part-time work than men, they spend more time completing unpaid work such as household chores and childcare,” the report states.

"The hours spent on unpaid work are likely to replace those hours that could have been spent on leisure activities."

The leisure time counted doesn’t include time spent eating or sleeping, instead looking at time outside of paid work not spent doing chores, childcare, or studying.

Interestingly, the report suggests that “there is a growth in inequality between men and women when it comes to taking leisure time.  

“Men are now taking quite a lot more time each week for leisure and women are taking less compared with 2000, " they added.

Women's Equality Party chief of staff Hannah Peaker said the report figures are “incontrovertible evidence of a gender play gap”.

She added: "Doing the majority of unpaid work is no fun at all, and it affects women’s leisure time as well as their earning potential."