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Men Have No Clue What To Wear

Who Would Have Thought

Men Have No Clue What To Wear Pexels

Men have no clue what to wear. That's the (possibly unsurprising) finding of a new survey about how we get dressed.

81% of men say they have trouble getting dressed for an event, and no occasion is exempt from the stress. The biggest struggle for half of all men is picking an outfit for weddings, funerals, job interviews and first dates.

The numbers have been crunched by fashion brand Perry Ellis, in their “Men’s Dressing Habits” online survey of 1000 men, aged between 18 and 54.

Some other findings might really hit home for blokes:

  • 73% of men say they've arrived at an event, occasion or location feeling inappropriately dressed.
  • 84% of men care about being dressed appropriately for an occasion, meaning they don't want to stand out, or appear underdressed.
  • 1 in 3 men admit to skipping an event because they didn’t have the right clothes to wear.
  • When they're dressed right, 72% of men say they feel more confident, and 42% feel attractive.

If you're a man, and you fit into any of these categories, we found this little chart which might help:

Wikipedia: AtomicRED

If all else fails at calming your nerves before an event, just throw out the invitation and claim you never got it.