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Melbourne Cabbie Passes Out On The Job

Passenger To The Rescue

Melbourne Cabbie Passes Out On The Job

Image: Youtube, Melbourne Maxi Taxi

A taxi passenger has been forced to jump behind the wheel, after his driver passed out twice on Melbourne's Tullamarine freeway last night.

The Queenslander hailed the taxi at Melbourne Airport, and was being taken to Southbank when the 24 year old Wyndhamvale man lost consciousness, striking a number of bollards.

"The first time he's hit a couple of concrete bollards. No one’s injured, keeps going. The second time the passenger actually had to lean over put the handbrake on while the driver is passed out. And at that point I think he said no more of this, so he's put the taxi driver into the passenger’s seat, jumped in the driver’s seat and driven himself to his hotel." said Victoria Police spokesperson Natalie Webster.

Neither the cabbie or passenger were injured, but when they arrived in the city, police were called.The taxi driver is expected to be charged with several traffic offences.

It's not known if the passenger was made to pay his fare.