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Melbourne Boy Barred From US Space Camp

Trumps Orders Reach Our Shores

Melbourne Boy Barred From US Space Camp

Iraq has retaliated against Donald Trump's ban on it's people visiting the US - they're now planning to ban US citizens getting into their country.

But Trump has denied his new immigration restrictions are a 'Muslim Ban', saying "this is about terror and keeping our country safe... My first priority will always be to protect and serve our country, but as President I will find ways to help those who are suffering."

Meantime, one of the first Aussies to feel the pinch of the new rules is Melbourne schoolboy Pouya Ghadirian.

The 15 year old has a dual Iranian-Australian citizenship - and was denied a tourist visa into the US this week.

A 'gutted' Ghadirian has been in touch with DFAT and is hoping our government can work out a deal for him to still attend a Space Camp with his school.

"To not be able to go to the United States devalues my passport and my rights as an Australian citizen.
It's all a political matter, but hopefully the government can sort out an arrangement with the United States and make sure Australia is part of that list of countries where dual citizens can still go to the United States",Ghadirian said.