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Meet The Police Dog Sacked For Being Too Friendly

Poor pooch!

Meet The Police Dog Sacked For Being Too Friendly

Pic: Queensland Police Service

Meet Gavel. The police dog too social to make the cut. 

After signing up to be one of those terrifying German Shepherds we see bolting after offenders, dragging them to the ground in a matter of minutes, Gavel was sacked. 

Yes, sacked. Life as a Police K9 was not to be for little Gavel.. the trainers ruling he was too sociable for the frontline. 

Gavel had been fostered by the Governor of Queensland while he was in training.. 

Trouble is, he'd won over everybody's hearts (well, we're not surprised.. look at him!), so Government House staff decided to give him a job!

In February, Gavel was named Queensland's first official vice-regal dog. 

He's tasked with attending formal events and ceremonies, as well as meeting and greeting guests!

Pics: Brisbane Times

We reckon he's found his calling!