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Medicinal Cannabis Now More Freely Available

The first 2,000 units of oil shipped in

Medicinal Cannabis Now More Freely Available

Sick Australians are a step closer to having constant access to medicinal cannabis, with the first major shipments of the drugs officially on Australia soil. 

According to News Corp, 2,000 units of the oil have cleared customs and are now being stored in secret, secure warehouses across the country. The warehouses are under lock and key, with security guards on hand, hi-tech safes and constant CCTV monitoring. 

Local supplies of the medicine are not far off either, with the government reportedly having issued 9 Australian growing licenses already. 

The licenses - 4 in Victoria, 2 in Queensland, 1 in NSW and WA respectively and 1 in an undisclosed location - have been dished out just months after federal parliament passed laws legalising medicinal marijuana for Australians suffering with chronic conditions.

Each State has its own rules and regulations, but generally patients with conditions like cancer, HIV, severe epilepsy and motor neurone disease can access the drug with a letter from their GP.

Until now, some patients have had to wait months for the drug to be imported. It has seen many patients turning to the black market. Now, patients will have access via pharmacies.