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Man Sentenced After Punching Ref During Oztag Game

Suspended jail time

Man Sentenced After Punching Ref During Oztag Game

A man who allegedly punched a referee during an OZTag match has today been sentenced over the incident.

Trevor Riley, 22, was given a 16 month suspended jail sentence for hitting the match official in the face after being sent off during a game in August.


Earlier on Triple M

A 22-year-old is facing assault charges after attacking a referee during an OzTag match overnight.

He is looking at a life ban for the incident after he punched a ref in the face, breaking the young man's jaw.

The ref was left unconscious by the hit and was taken to Nepean Hospital.

Triple M's Bill Harrigan is the Tournament Director of the sport, and told Triple M that the safety of the refs is of great importance.

"We know that the police have charged him for assault, so that will be a court matter now," Harrigan said.

"But as far as Australian OzTag is concerned, he will be banned for life and he'll never play the game again.

"We frown upon any verbal or physical abuse against our referees and so anything like this is a life ban.

The police have charged the man with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He was granted bail and will appear in court next month.

According to Nine News, the player bragged about the incident on Facebook, posting "I hit the ref last night lol".