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Man Returns Home To Find Strangers Smoking Pot In His Kitchen

Surprising discovery

Man Returns Home To Find Strangers Smoking Pot In His Kitchen

A Melbourne man has come home to find two strangers with a gun smoking pot at his kitchen table.

The man had left his Carlton house unattended while undergoing medical treatment, and when he came back his locks had been changed.

When he finally got inside, he found a leather case with a sawn-off rifle inside.

When police arrived they found two men — Barag Madut, 25, and Mohamed Ali, 23 — allegedly smoking pot at the kitchen table.

Cops also found substances believed to be cocaine and ice, and a magazine for a .22 rifle.

Facing the Melbourne Magistrates Court today, Madut denied any knowledge of guns or drugs, claiming he was there to pick up Ali.

Ali told the court he was visiting a neighbour: "I was giving milk to an old man named Max," he said.

Madut is charged with 10 offences including trafficking and possessing drugs, possessing a knuckleduster, trespassing and handling suspected stolen goods including an Australian and a Colombian passport.

Ali is charged with drug possession and trespassing and is also accused of having been in possession of $2000 cash, suspected of being the proceeds of crime.