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The PM Reveals He Loves Doing Pilates With Wife Lucy

Malcolm Turnbull Gives Fitness Advice

The PM Reveals He Loves Doing Pilates With Wife Lucy

Running the country is a tough gig, not to mention doing it while keeping fit.

Appearing on Triple M radio in Central Queensland on Friday morning, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gave us an insight into his fitness regime and where he needs to lift his game.

In an interview on Banksy and Pinksy, said variety is key – and the core strength-conscious PM also revealed he loves doing Pilates.

"I paddle a kayak. Ride a bike occasionally. So, you know, I do a variety of things – you’ve gotta mix it up but the important thing is to keep moving. Exercise every day and get your sleep. That’s two good tips to be prime minister."

But when it comes to the popular CrossFit, Mr Turnbull was stumped.

"What is this CrossFit you speak this like a 'Netflix and chill' thing?

The Prime Minister was pleased to hear it involved  resistance training.

You know actually that’s a good reminder because I think I probably don’t do enough weights... I do some Pilates occasionally. Lucy is very keen on Pilates.

Talk about couple goals.