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London Tower Blaze Death Toll Feared To Exceed 65

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London Tower Blaze Death Toll Feared To Exceed 65

Image: Twitter

British tabloid newspaper The Sun has listed 65 people who are reportedly still missing or feared dead following the London tower block fire.

Police say 17 people have been confirmed dead and the death toll is expected to rise, AAP reports.

When asked on Thursday whether the death toll could exceed 100, London police commander Stuart Cundy said: "I'd like to hope that it isn't going to be triple figures."

Earlier today, singer Lily Allen alleged the fatalities of the Grenfell Tower fire had been “downplayed”, and she had been told “off the record” the death toll was almost “150 people”.

“I think what people would really like is a more honest count of how many people have actually died in this event, how many people have been killed,” she told Channel 4 News.

“I feel like the government is trying to micro manage people’s grieving here.

“I have never in my life seen an event like this where the death count has been downplayed by mainstream media.”