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Legendary Actor John Hurt Dies Aged 77

Sad news.

Legendary Actor John Hurt Dies Aged 77

Legendary English actor Sir John Hurt has died aged 77.

He had been battling cancer and an intestinal issue in recent times.

Hurt was known for an extensive and varied film career.

His most famous role was 1980’s The Elephant Man, for which he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, losing out to Robert de Niro’s iconic turn as Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull.

He was also in the 1984 version of Nineteen Eighty-Four, Alien, Midnight Express — for which he was again nominated for an Oscar, this time for Best Supporting Actor — and as the menacing dictator High Chancellor Adam Sutler in V for Vendetta.

Hurt was known as a heavy partier in his younger days, once boasting that he drank seven bottles of wine a day (later revising the estimate to three).

He was reportedly fond of saying his career track record “isn’t bad for an old drunk”.

Hurt was knighted in July 2015, saying that “It does make one inordinately proud”.