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Kookaburra Snapped Chowing Down On Massive Snake


Kookaburra Snapped Chowing Down On Massive Snake Everything Mornington Peninsula (Facebook)

A kookaburra's been snapped reaping the benefits of the warmer weather flushing more snakes out of hiding. 

Facebook group Everything Mornington Peninsula, just south of Melbourne, captioned the photograph "that’s one happy kookaburra." 

The native bird uses a wait-and-pounce technique to catch its food, often finding a good vantage point to survey prey. 

"When prey appears, the kookaburra drops straight down from its perch, its wings back, with beak ready to grab its dinner," says the NSW Office of Heritage and Environment

"Large prey items like lizards and snakes are bashed against a tree or a rock, to kill them and soften them up before they are eaten."