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Kevvie Walters says 'No Way' To Knights Move

Reckons Locals Won't Go For Idea

Kevvie Walters says 'No Way' To Knights Move

Kevvie Walters reckons there's 'no way' the Newcastle Knights will make the move to Queensland to be based at Ipswich.

It's believed the NRL considered the move, in order to make the club more profitable, and give Queensland a much wanted fourth team.

Despite growing up in Ipswich himself, the league legend has nixxed the idea speaking with Triple M's Marto, Ed & Robin. "It's not gonna happen, no way mate! Would you go and watch the Knights play up at Ipswich?"

Kevvie believes the timing's just not right for Ipswich locals. "I don't see how it makes sense to be honest with you. They love their footy, and they love their OWN team, not someone else's team."

Ipswich suburb Yamanto is home to the highest number of Broncos supporters in Brisbane, and Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisale's says the area is well suited to support a fourth team. "Ipswich is the fastest growing area in the country, and we are a rugby league city. We've got some of the biggest titles ever seen come out of Australian NRL."