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First Boys Have Been Rescued From Thai Cave


First Boys Have Been Rescued From Thai Cave Twitter @TheAustralian

The first two schoolboys have emerged from a flooded Thai cave who have been trapped underground for more than two weeks - and there's reports more may soon emerge. 

"Two kids are out. They are currently at the field hospital near the cave," Tossathep Boonthong, chief of the health department in Chiang Rai in northern Thailand, told Reuters.

"We are giving them a physical examination."

A team of cave divers launched a daring and dangerous mission to rescue the children and their soccer coach earlier today. 

Thirteen foreign divers, including eight from Australia, and five members of Thailand's elite navy SEAL unit are trying to bring the rest of the boys - some as young as 11 and weak swimmers - through narrow, submerged passageways that claimed the life of a former Thai navy diver on Friday.

The boys, aged between 11 and 16, went missing with their 25-year-old coach after soccer practice on June 23, setting out on an adventure to explore the cave complex near the border with Myanmar and celebrate a boy's birthday.

Rescuing them all could take two to four days and depended on the weather, an army commander involved in the mission said earlier.

Thirteen medical teams were stationed outside the cave - each with its own helicopter and ambulance - one for each of 12 boys and their coach.

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