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It's Time We Took Domestic Violence As Seriously As Terrorism, Says Former Cop

"I'm afraid for my daughters"

 It's Time We Took Domestic Violence As Seriously As Terrorism, Says Former Cop

A former cop is calling for domestic violence offenders to be taken as seriously as terrorists.

One of Australia's only family violence security specialists, Protective Group founder Stephen Wilson, says Australian police need to take a more proactive approach to domestic violence – the same way they approach terrorism suspects. 

“What I’d like to see is more of a proactive approach. I think it’s one thing to have the education and the policy changes… I think it’s certainly another thin to look at the gender side of things. But at the end of the day, about we just think of another tactic that we can do to stop it?” 

Currently, on average, one woman a week is killed by her partner in Australia – but the former Melbourne police officer, says it's time we change tact.

“I understand the fight against terrorism, I’m saying why can’t we adopt the same law enforcement principals.

“Let’s just try and think outside the square."

He suggests listening devices, surveillance and bdata scraping as some possible ways to keep tabs on offenders.

“I have two daughters, they are 17 and 18. I’m just afraid for them down the track as to is it going to happen to them one day? I’m probably more  concerned about them being a victim of family violence than a terror attack.

“Let’s look at this problem in the same light, and let’s tackle it.”

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