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It Turns Out Your Job Really Can Kill You

Killer hours.

It Turns Out Your Job Really Can Kill You

We all look forward to the weekend. But do we ever really ‘switch off’ anymore?

Long-term stress, anxiety and prolonged inactivity have been proven as potential killers.

This follows research by the Columbia University Medical Centre, which found that sitting in an office all day is just as lethal as smoking.

Moritz Erhardt, a 21-year-old London intern died after working for 72 hours in a row at Bank of America.

In 2002, fewer than 10 per cent of employees checked their work email outside of office hours.

Today, with the extensive use of tablets and smartphones, the number has jumped up to 50 per cent - and often before we get out of bed.

US researcher Alex Soojung-Kim Pang suggests we are only really productive for around four hours per day the rest is just “padding”.

Merely reducing working hours won’t be enough, as research suggests it’s about a balance between both physical and mental wellbeing.