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Inquest Into Killer Brisbane Chef Clears Police Of Any Wrongdoing

Officers cleared by court

Inquest Into Killer Brisbane Chef Clears Police Of Any Wrongdoing

The inquest into a Brisbane chef who took his own life after killing and cooking his transgender partner, has found there's nothing else police could do to prevent their deaths.

Marcus Volke murdered Mayang Prasetyo in October 2014 at their Teneriffe unit, believably after a prolonged argument. Volke took his own life the next day after police stumbled on his attempts to dispose of Prasetyo's body.

The court heard Volke had cut up Prasetyo's body and placed parts in a large pot on the stove, attempting to dissolve it with chemicals. Police were called after an electrician and unit manager noticed a foul smell coming from the apartment and blood on the carpet.

After initially speaking to two officers at the apartment building on the evening on October 3, Volke went back into the unit under the guise of securing his dogs and locked the door.

He then fled the area and was later found dead inside an industrial bin in the underground car park.

On Friday in the Brisbane Coroner's Court, State Coroner Terry Ryan ruled little was known about the couple to learn from their tragedy and the officers who spoke to Volke acted professionally and couldn't be criticised for the way they responded to the incident.

"I have been unable to identify any opportunities for intervention that were missed by formal service providers," Mr Ryan said.

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