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Ice Syndicate Operating Across State Border's Smashed

$60m In Ice 'chemicals' seized

Ice Syndicate Operating Across State Border's Smashed

Image: Australian Border Force

Four men have been charged and 65 kilograms of ephedrine seized, a precursor in making the drug ice, as part of investigations into a drug syndicate operating across New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC).

Australian Border Force investigators detected a series of importations from Korea, China and the UK headed to a number of properties in NSW and VIC since December.

Inside each consignment ephedrine was found hidden using a variety of methods including belts, computer desks, dartboards and water purifiers.

It's believed the precursors would be enough to make up to 58 kilograms of ice worth upwards of $60 million.

Check out video of the arrests below

A 26-year-old NSW man is facing the more serious charged of 'importing commercial quantities of a border controlled precursor' which carries a maxium penalty of 25 years’ behind bars and or a fine not exceeding $900,000.

Three men from Victoria aged 21 to 25, have been charged and are now facing up to 5 years imprisonment and or a fine upwards of $180,000.

Assistant Commissioner Enforcement Commander Wayne Buchhorn said the ABF will continue to disrupt individuals attempting to bring these precursor drugs into Australia.

“Seizing this ephedrine is an important step in helping decrease the domestic manufacture and supply of ice,” Assistant Commissioner Buchhorn said.