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Human Error To Blame For Comm Games Ticket Fail

14,000 passes incorrectly printed

Human Error To Blame For Comm Games Ticket Fail Facebook/Toby Dawson

Human error is being blamed for a Commonwealth Games ticketing blunder, with around 14,000 tickets to the opening ceremony being accidentally printed with the wrong day on them.

Around 20 per cent of the total tickets to the event have been sent out saying 'Thursday April 4', when they should say 'Wednesday April 4'.

Ticketek had the job of printing the batch, they say there was an "error" when information was being transferred between files. There are reports several tickets to single sports events, including weightlifting and table tennis, have also been printed with incorrect session times.

With just 50 days to go until the event gets underway, GOLDOC CEO Mark Peters said it's not worth getting them all reprinted.

"It was disappointing, but we've followed up with all the affected ticket holders and they won't be reissued with new tickets because all the information is on there," Peters said.

"A few people have gone onto social media and we understand their disappointment, if they want a replica commemorative ticket, we'll organise that for them."

Peters said he's not concerned about too much confusion happening on event day.

"We don't think people are going to forget which date the opening ceremony is on, because it's already getting so much interest. The rest haven't been issued, the stadium holds up to 35,000 people, the remaining tickets haven't been sent out so they'll now be redone."