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Isis Lane Forced To Change Name After Complaints

Street signs forcibly pulled down

Isis Lane Forced To Change Name After Complaints

How important is the name of a street?

There are already some pretty questionable street names in Australia... like Fashion Parade, Thrush Street and Tennis Court (not joking at all!)

But a Victorian council has been forced to pull down a number of street signs on Isis Lane, after complaints from locals.

The street in the suburb of Epping has held the name Isis for some years, well before Islamic State became a household name. It was actually named after developers building an estate. The name Isis actually originates from an ancient Egyptian goddess, worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic.

Nevertheless Isis doesn't seem to be an appropriate name for a lane anymore.

The Whittlesea Council has now proposed the name Aditi Lane and will give locals until the end of May to give their feedback.