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Grid Girls Are Out, Grid Kids Are In

The tradition was dumped last week.

Grid Girls Are Out, Grid Kids Are In Australian Grand Prix, Formula 1 (inset)

Formula 1 will replace Grid Girls with Grid Kids.

Motorsports clubs will nominate some youngsters for the pre-race ceremony, while others will be picked in a lottery.

The long-standing practice was controversially dumped in January, F1 stating it was "clearly at odds" with modern societal norms.

The joint F1 and the FIA will launch the joint iniative which they believe will be "more relevant and interesting for fans". 

“What an unforgettable experience, for them, and their families," said F1 Managing Director of Commercial Operations Sean Bratches.

They'll be chosen at every Formula 1 race and some major feeder series like F2 and GP3, while their families will have paddock access for race Sunday.