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The New iPhone X Is Here And This Is Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know

The New iPhone X Is Here And This Is Everything You Need To Know Apple

Apple’s brand new iPhones have finally dropped and there are some major changes.

The new 5.8 inch iPhone X will feature: 

- Facial recognition  

- An edge-to-edge screen display 

- Wireless charging

- No home button 

- An OLED screen (basically brighter, sharper and more vibrant) 

- Upgrades to the camera, including animated emojis which react to your face (!), a dual lens with a wide angle camera, and portrait mode for the front camera.

- Augmented reality features!  

A 64GB phone will be released for $1,579, as will a more expensive 256GB option which will set you back $1,828.  

Take a look - 


Yep, get ready for your phone not to unlock when it doesn’t recognise your face without makeup. 

The iPhone X is set to be released November 3, with pre-orders available October 27. 

The technology giant has also launched the iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus which again boast wireless charging, improved cameras and “ the most powerful and smartest chip in a smartphone.”

Take a look - 


The iPhone 8 will cost $1,079 (64GB) and $1,229 (256GB), with pre-orders starting September 15 and in-store sales launching September 22! 

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