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Durex Issues Condom Recall Over Fears Of Splitting

Could 'burst during application or use'

Durex Issues Condom Recall Over Fears Of Splitting

Durex has announced a condom recall following fears they could split or burst.

The condom manufacturer has said that in-house testing showed the non-latex, Real Feel condoms failed pressure tests after heat treatment, which simulated three years of shelf-life.

As such, the product was deemed not to meet the 'rigorous' standards despite being within the expiry date.

The affected batch number is 1000432443, with an expiry of January 2021.

Durex has said that only the one batch is believed to be affected, and there are no immediate safety concerns.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has no reported 'adverse events' noted in Australia.

There has been a wider recall in the UK and Ireland, with 10 batches recalled for the shelf-life issue.