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A Dog Hitchhikes 1500KM To SA And Is A Bloody Legend

Road trippin'

A Dog Hitchhikes 1500KM To SA And Is A Bloody Legend Image: Facebook/Laura Scudamore

It sounds like the plot of a feel-good Aussie flick, but the story of a dog who hitchhiked 1,500 kilometres from outback Queensland to South Australia is very much the real deal.

Rusty was staying with family friends of his owner Laura Scudamore in Goondiwindi, location on the New South Wales and Queensland border, when the three-year-old decided to make a move, the ABC reports.

Hitching a ride in the back of truck, the Australian Terrier wasn’t discovered until the driver reached Snowtown.

"Some point along the trip the driver realised he was there, but he was in the middle of nowhere, so he took him home to Snowtown,” said Ms Scudamore.

"Thankfully Rusty had a collar on with a number for my in-laws."


With a plan now being hatched to bring Rusty home, Ms Scudamore has taken to social media with a tongue-in-cheek post to see if anyone can lend a hand – or paw – in saving on the costs of pricey pet couriers.

“My name is Rusty and I am a naughty little Australian Terrier whose favourite pastime is hitching rides with the traffic passing by, on the highway, near my home in Goondiwind,” she wrote on Tuesday.

“I’ve outdone myself this week managing to score a lovely mystery tour of Australia after thumbing a ride with an interstate truck.

Whilst Snowtown, SA is lovely this time of year, I really must be getting home to my family.

“I was wondering if anyone knew of a lift getting close to either of these places.”