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Doesn't Matter What You Weigh, Being Lazy's A Killer

Fitness The Predictor Of Mortality

Doesn't Matter What You Weigh, Being Lazy's A Killer

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Scoffing down acai bowls, but still live on the couch? I've got some bad news for you.

Scientists say lazy Aussies are rapidly increasing their risk of cancer and it doesn't matter if you're fit or fat.

They've discovered exercise can lower our risk of serious disease by up to 53 per cent, regardless of how much we weigh.

It's a wake up call for skinny people who don't think they need to exercise because they're already "healthy" and dieters who eat well but dodge the gym.

Even some light gardening, or a game of lawn bowls is good enough physical activity to lower our chance of serious diseases like breast or prostate cancer. 

"Fitness is a predictor of mortality. We know that at any body weight, you're at a higher risk of death if you have a low level of fitness," said exercise physiologist Gabrielle Maston.

And she says fitness doesn't have to mean a crossfit workout everyday, or regular 10km runs.

"It's extremely important to be as fit as possible and when we talk about fit, the definition is that you can walk for at least 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. If you can do that without stopping, that's considered fit."

Maston says many people confuse health being about weight and weight loss.

"They're mutually exclusive. When we talk about health it doesn't matter what you weigh, if you're fit then you are going to be healthier regardless if you are skinny or slightly bigger."

"When you're trying to lose weight for health, it does improve our health to have a lower body fat and that can be more down to diet than exercise."

"Skinny people who think they don't have to exercise, that's just untrue."