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DO NOT Give Your Dog Hot Cross Buns

Serious consequences.

DO NOT Give Your Dog Hot Cross Buns

Easter is all about the chocolate and hot cross buns, however there is one member of the family that should miss out on these yummy treats this year.

While we all (hopefully) know not to give dogs chocolate, it turns out that hot cross buns are just as bad.

Animal Referral Hospital Brisbane published a post warning of the dangers for pooches having a sneaky bun or two, and it turns out that the reason why these pose such a serious danger to dogs is because of the sultanas.

Grapes and raisins are both lethal to dogs, as they can cause acute kidney failure.

Both the flesh and skin is poisonous to dogs, with symptoms of kidney failure likely to present themselves if the dog is left untreated.

These include vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, increased thirst and abdominal pain.

If the pup consumes grapes or raisins, common practice is for the vet to pump their stomach to try to stop them from absorbing the food.

So this Easter, maybe just spoil your furry best mate with some extra dog treats instead.