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Creepy 'Ghillie Suit' Worn During Sexual Assault

Appeal After 12-Year-Old Tied-Up

Creepy 'Ghillie Suit' Worn During Sexual Assault

Detectives are appealing to find a camouflage-wearing man who sexually assaulted a girl and tried to abduct a teenager on the Central Coast.

Police say they believe the same man dragged a 12-year-old girl into bushes, tied her up and sexually assaulted her on May 15, three weeks later grabbing an 18-year-old woman in a laneway near Narara Train Station.

Both girls have described their attacker as being aged in his mid-20s, chubby, with light hair and blue eyes.

Police have since put together what he was wearing, releasing images of a head-to-toe leafy camouflage outfit, backpack and gloves.

Det Supt Howlett says"It would be difficult to get around suburbia wearing these clothes without drawing attention to yourself, so we believe he'd know the best routes to use to go unnoticed."