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Comedian John Oliver Roasts Barnaby Joyce For Office Romance

Slams Deputy PM's 'family values'

Comedian John Oliver Roasts Barnaby Joyce For Office Romance HBO

The Barnaby Joyce affair scandal has gone international, with comedian John Oliver roasting the Deputy PM on his US talk show 'Last Week Tonight'.

In his first show since November, Oliver slammed Joyce for his 'incredible family values' in light of his comments during Australia's same-sex marriage campaign.

"Joyce is a social conservative who opposed same-sex marriage in their referendum last year because he believes in traditional family values... and you can probably see where this is going," Oliver said, before the show aired a Channel 7 clip including pics of his new pregnant partner, former staffer Vikki Campion.

"You might think that is hypocritical, but in reality Joyce has such incredible family values that he can't restrict them to just one family."

"The Australian media has understandably jumped on this story, like a Deputy Prime Minister with a wife and four children jumping on his 33-year-old media advisor."

This of course isn't the first time Oliver's taken the mickey out of Joyce, back in 2015 he crucified the then Australian Agriculture Minister, for his campaign to have two dogs belonging to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp either deported or euthananased, because the star hadn't declared the pets properly to immigration officials.