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Colombian Police Release Pictures Of Aussie Girl

See the pics here.

Colombian Police Release Pictures Of Aussie Girl

The family of accused Aussie drug-smuggler Cassandra Sainsbury says she's terrified and begging for help in a Colombian prison. 

The 22 year old has spent the past 3 weeks being shuttled between two jails after she was found with almost 6 kgs of Cocaine trying to return to Australia. 

She's believed to be pleading her innocence during daily conversations with family back home, claiming she thought the parcels were 15 sets of headphones she’d plan to give as gifts.

Colombian Police have released new photos of Cassie in handfuffs, with 18 black bags taped up.

An x-ray machine at El Dorado Airport detected the substance in her luggage when she attempted to board a flight.

Her fiance has reportedly received negative backlash since the story broke on social media yesterday and remains hauled up in their Moana home.

According to her mum Lisa, Cassie is weighing up whether to plead guilty in the hope of lessening a possible 25 year sentence.

The former Personal Trainer - who’s now rumoured to have been travelling for her cleaning business that employs national and international staff - apparently fears for her safety in the grossly-overcrowded jail.

Lawyers have warned the family to stop commenting publicly as they may be putting her at risk of retaliation from drug cartels.

The cocaine is believed to be worth close to $2 million on Aussie streets.

A Fundrazr page to pay for her legal costs has raised around $4,000.

While the CFS yesterday distanced themselves from the supposed volunteer, saying she hasn't served for the brigade for 3 years.