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'Cocaine Cassie' Ruffles Feathers Behind Bars

Prisoners slam 'special treatment'

'Cocaine Cassie' Ruffles Feathers Behind Bars

Sounds like South Australian Cassie Sainsbury isn't making many friends behind bars in Colombia at the moment.. 

Recent visits from her fiance, mum and sister were scheduled outside the usual visiting hours, with the help of Australian Consular officials and fellow inmates have seen it as special treatment. 

She's also been accused of 'acting up' for the cameras watching her every move from outside the prison's confines. 

Inmates have spoken with News Corp:

"There is a lot of tension in the jail", said one.

"Cassandra wasn't being treated differently (before) but not that she's pulled favours and her family are visiting her on non-visitor day, she'll start t be treated differently"

"There might be benefits with that but there will certainly be downsides"

"[She's] causing problems, saying that people are robbing her, extorting her and abusing her"