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'Cocaine Cassie' Changes Her Story

Innocent? Or threatened?

'Cocaine Cassie' Changes Her Story

Pic: Instagram/Colombian Police

Alleged Aussie drug mule Cassie Sainsbury has changed her story, from behind bars in Colombia. 

Despite initially pleading absolute innocence, when 5.8 kilos of cocaine was found disguised as packages of headphones in her luggage, the 22 year old's lawyer is now claiming she's the victim of an elaborate international drug ring. 

On last night's 60 Minutes program, lawyer Orlando Herran says the South Australian was in financial trouble after problems with her fitness business when she answered a Craigslist ad offering a loan and trip to London. 

Herran told the program Cassie's itinerary was changed at the last minute, before she met with a mystery man who threatened to kill her or her family if she didn't participate in the drug transfers. 

"If you don't get to fly we will be threatening or killing your family or you,"

Fiance Scott Broadbridge gave a similar story on Seven's Sunday Night, denying he or his fiancee had ever been drug dealers, saying "we are both against drugs".

"I don't know if the [cleaning] business she worked for set her up from Colombia. But, you know, I believe, she was, you know, I guess, set up as a drug mule without her knowledge,"

The change of story wasn't the only bombshell revealed on Sunday night.. 

There are also claims Cassie had been working as a sex worker in Sydney for 6 months of 2016, where she had lied about the death of her own mother to get financial donations from co-workers, and talk her fiance is now being investigated by both Colombian and Australian police.