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Claims The Government's Done The Dodgy On Petrol Prices

Economist Data Labelled As Bogus

Claims The Government's Done The Dodgy On Petrol Prices

The federal government's come under fire with reports bogus figures are being used, to claim we're getting a 'fair deal' at the bowser.

An investigation by Newscorp has found monthly reports from the chief economist are comparing the cost of Australia's unleaded, with the price of premium fuels overseas.

In doing this, it makes consumers think Australian regular unleaded is more than $10 a litre cheaper than premium and ranks Australia's pre-tax price as the fourth cheapest among 27 of the world's developed economies.

But using correct stats, our unleaded is actually seventh most expensive, according to investigators.

NRMA spokesman, Peter Khoury, reckons it's ridiculous to make that comparison.

"We know that premium fuels in Australia are already overpriced, but if we're now comparing them to prices overseas you're not going to get the results that you're hoping for and sadly it appears that's what has happened," he said while appear on Nine's Today Show.

Khoury said the best advice for motorists is to listen to local motoring clubs, rather than the government.

"We hire our own economists, we know what we're looking for and when we say prices are too high, they are," he said.

"These government reports tend to be retrospective and there's nothing wrong with that, but if you're looking for what to do today, go to your local club."

Written by: @amydrewsnews