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Census Reveals The Fastest Growing Jobs In Australia

The list is surprising

Census Reveals The Fastest Growing Jobs In Australia Pexels

Fitness instructors, beauty therapists and baristas have become the hottest jobs in Australia.

The 2016 census has revealed an interesting insight into the changes in Australia’s workforce.

Perhaps spurred by the popularity of the #fitspo and #beautytips social media culture, there's been a 27 per cent leap in fitness instructors and a 25 per cent rise in beauty therapists since 2011.

The number of baristas and bar attendants has also jumped by nearly a fifth.

Their boom in popularity is part of a broader rise in the number of personal service and community workers, whose jobs also include patient care, aged care, child care.

The health care and social assistance industry remains the biggest employer across the country, followed by retail trade, with sales assistant the most common occupation.

The data also showed that Australians are upskilling like never before as they gain post-school qualifications in record numbers.

More than half the population aged 15 and over now holds a post-school qualification, up from 46 per cent in 2006.

Close to a quarter of people have completed a bachelor degree or above.

The most common occupations for men with a bachelor degree or above were accountants and software programmers, while women were more likely to be nurses or primary school teachers.