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Cassie Sainsbury's Fiance Considers Walking Away

"We're not going to last", says Cassie

Cassie Sainsbury's Fiance Considers Walking Away

Pic: Scott Broadbridge flanked by Channel 7 TV crews, arrives at prison for visit 

The stress of Cassie Sainsbury's Colombian drug smuggling ordeal on her, and her friends and supporters, is becoming more and more obvious. 

Tell-alls aired on rival television networks last night - the 22 year old's fiance speaking with Channel 7's Sunday Night, while her mother and sister sat down with Nine's 60 Minutes. 

The Channel 9 story left Australians in shock.. with revelations Cassie had been working as a prostitute in a Sydney club for the second half of 2016.. but it was Seven who revealed the strain Cassie's relationship is under - 

Fiance Scott Broadbridge spoke of his love for his "fun to be around, amazing" partner, initially vowing to stick by her even if she's sentenced to the maximum of 20 years behind bars. 

"I'll wait. She would do the same for me. I am willing to be there through to the end and I have told her that, that's how I feel" 

A phone conversation between Broadbridge and Cassie was also aired. 

Cassie was saying "We're not going to last". 

An upset Broadbridge told the cameras "Everything tells me I should walk away".