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Brothel Receptionist Speaks Out About Cassie Sainsbury

'Working girls come and go'

Brothel Receptionist Speaks Out About Cassie Sainsbury


The receptionist at a Western Sydney brothel where Cassie Sainsbury reportedly worked says 'Working girls come and go'.

It follows a 60 Minutes report revealing the accused Australian drug mule worked as a sex worker at the Club 220 Gentleman's Club in Kingswood last year.

A woman claiming to be a former colleague from the brothel said Ms Sainsbury would fly in and out from Adelaide for work stints at the club.

Today, a receptionist at Club 220 has told Seven News she can't remember Cassie working there,

"Working girls they come and go, okay.

"So whatever occurred last year, I don't know, okay. It's that's simple.

"They come, they might work for a few months and then they'll move on okay... So... you have a very high turnover.

"Girls don't make a career out of it, they don't do it continually year in and year out okay, so whatever occurred last year, I don't know, okay, alright. What's past is past".


The receptionist also says it's not unusual for working girls to go by a different name to protect their identity.

"Well you know, like you're asking about Cassie/Claudia, yes working girls do have, you know, pseudonyms, okay, that's for their own privacy, okay, and it's also to disassociate from, so that it's not a personal thing for them".

Ms Sainsbury remains in Bogota prison, after 5.8kg of cocaine was allegedly found inside 18 headphone cases inside her luggage at El Dorado International Airport in April.

Workers at the Sydney brothel have asked to be left alone. The receptionist saying, "So if you could just please let us be now".