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Bullied Kids Falling Behind At School

New Australian study

Bullied Kids Falling Behind At School

Bullying at school is having an impact on how our kids perform in the classroom.

A new Australian study from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute has found kids targeted by bullies on a weekly basis are falling behind in their studies.

The study of almost 1,000 eight and nine year old children found many kids are being regularly bullied, with one in three boys targeted at least once a week, and one in four girls.

"Physical bullying seems to be having particularly poor effects on children's learning and these children are around six to nine months behind their peers on pretty much all domains of learning, particularly for girls. For boys it's just on literacy and reading," said the study's lead author Dr Lisa Mundy.

The research has also found the type of bullying can impact boys and girls in different ways.

"We're finding verbal and physical bullying are having different impacts so verbal bullying doesn't seem to affect boys' learning, but it does seem to be affecting girls' learning, particularly in their writing, grammar and punctuation," said Dr Mundy.

When it comes to what parents can do, Dr Mundy said being opening and listening to your child can make a real difference, as well as keeping an eye out for a change in behaviour.

"If they start not wanting to go to school, try and start asking questions about why that might be," said Dr Mundy.

'I think also for parents to be modelling respectful relationships and how you deal with conflict with others, so children can learn from that." she said.