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Brisbane Woman Stabbed In Throat During London Terror Attack

"bit of pain but I will survive.."

Brisbane Woman Stabbed In Throat During London Terror Attack

Pic: Facebook

It's been revealed a Brisbane woman had her throat slit by attackers during yesterday's terror attack in London. 

31 year old Candice Hedge had been at a London Bridge Bar with her boyfriend when she was targeted. 

It's been reported one of the terrorists pulled back her head and slashed her throat, but missed her windpipe and arteries. 

Amazingly, she did survive.. and is recovering in St Thomas' Hospital after having emergency surgery. 

She's posted on Facebook:

She's one of two Australians known to have been caught up in the deadly rampage that started on London Bridge and ended in the bar and restaurant district of Burough Market.

Her mum, Kim Del Toro, has spoken with the ABC and said her daughter had contacted her via Skype after the surgery.

"It's terrible -- I didn't really speak to her because she couldn't say too much, but it's just really good to know she's going to be OK,"

Her father, Ross Hedge, told Seven Candice was hiding at the time of the attack. 

"She got to hide and thought she was good enough but at the last minute he saw her, and came back and stabbed her"

"She has a stab wound in the throat somewhere. But it's all good, there's no major damage"

Candice has been living in London for the past 6 months or so.

The family have described her as adventurous Aussie, they doubt this will dampen her spirits. 

Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath hopes to visit Ms Hedge on Friday.

The second Australian is Darwin's Andrew Morrison. 

Seven people were killed and 48 wounded when three men launched attack just after 10pm on Saturday local time, early Sunday morning our time.

Police shot the three terrorists dead within eight minutes of the violence erupting.