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Bread Clip Lodged In Victorian Woman's Throat For Months

Doctors thought it was asthma

Bread Clip Lodged In Victorian Woman's Throat For Months

PHOTO: Woolworths/Lauren Klassen

An elderly woman's breathing easy after doctors surgically removed a bread clip which had been lodged in her throat, possibly for months.

The Medical Journal of Australia says medical professionals became confused after the 80-year-old suffered a persistent cough which stuck around despite medication for asthma, which they believed to be the cause.

After a number of consultations one managed to finally track down the root of the issue: an old, jagged bread tag lodged vertically in her trachea.

Experts believe it may have been there for an extended period of time as skin had grown over the tag, though no expiry date was visible.

She told them weeks beforehand she had choked on croutons floating in her tomato soup.

While bizarre, the affliction isn't unheard of. In 2014, a man needed surgery in Adelaide after suffering two months of pain which was revealed to be caused by a bread clip stuck in his small intestine.