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Bloody Oath, Qantas' New Safety Video Will Make You Proud To Be Australian

And probably a little teary

Bloody Oath, Qantas' New Safety Video Will Make You Proud To Be Australian Qantas

We didn't think Qantas could get any more Australian after their 2016 safety ad, which saw everyday Aussies across iconic Aussie locations.

But bloody oath they've managed it, this time filming Australians doing what they do best - being Australian - as they travel around the world.

From the bloke looking out over Kruger National Park as he enjoys a Tim Tam slam to the little kid in Shanghai tasting Vegemite for the first time, it's all about how we take little bits of home with us wherever we go.

The seven-minute video, which will be shown on Qantas flights this year, also features a game of backyard cricket on the rooftop of a building in Tokyo, four Wallabies fans celebrating an Australian try at a game in Eden Park and an acoustic rendition of I Still Call Australia Home from a campfire in the Andes.

It doesn't get more Aussie - or tear-jerking - than this.

"This video lets us show off some of the amazing places you can travel on our network, and acts as a quick induction on Australian culture for visitors overseas about to fly here on a Qantas aircraft," Qantas International CEO Alison Webster said.

"We use real people, rather than actors, in our safety videos because it creates a sense of authenticity that's very Australian in itself."

Have a watch of the full video below and look, no judgement if you get a bit teary.