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Bloke Pays $3,300 For A Single Beer... By Mistake!

Didn't even get the cash back either!

Bloke Pays $3,300 For A Single Beer... By Mistake!

Well, there's waking up with a foggy head.. and then there's realising you paid $3,300 for a single drink!

It all started when a New Zealand man ordered a bevvy while holidaying in Hong Kong, thinking it was $3. Trouble is, he had misunderstood the pricing and was actually spending more than $3,000 for the drop. 

The guy only realised the stuff up when he checked his credit card statement the next day. 

He did try to get the cash back via the Banking Ombudsman but the complaint was withdrawn when it was revealed he'd signed the receipt at the time of purchase. \

While he could have put away more than 400 schooners for the same price here in Aus, perhaps it's not all that surprising considering a recent study from Deutsche Bank found Hong Kong was the world's third most expensive city for beer at an average cost of $10.40.

Norway's Oslo topped the list at $13.40 and Melbourne was Australia's most expensive city at $9.10.