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BEWARE: Facebook Scam Exposing Users To Dangerous Malware

Is your device compromised?

BEWARE: Facebook Scam Exposing Users To Dangerous Malware

There's a new social media scam doing the rounds, with Facebook users exposed to malware which can cause significant damage to mobile devices.

According to Seven News, the sneaky scam preys on those communicating through the Messenger feature, tricking users into thinking that a Facebook friend has sent a message along with an external link.

The message contains a link to a video asking "Is this you in this?" followed by an emoji.

The malware is disguised as a an accompanying YouTube link, but instead takes victims to a site that prompts users to install the app if they want to view the video.

If the app is installed, the bug stays on the device and is capable of spreading viruses to everyone in your Facebook friends list.

Experts advice those who think that their device may be infected to:

  • Change their password right away
  • Let their Facebook friends know that the link is a scam
  • Delete any apps on the phone that weren't previously there.