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BBC Has A Dig At Channel 9 For Nicking Their Breakfast Ad

'We thought this looked familiar!'

BBC Has A Dig At Channel 9 For Nicking Their Breakfast Ad Image: Channel 9

BBC Breakfast has taken a dig at Channel 9's new ad for the Today Show, saying it looks "familiar".

Channel 9 recently launched an ad for their new-look breakfast show, featuring Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner talking directly to their viewers.

"Jack, your toast is burning, mate," Stefanovic says to one of the viewers.

But the BBC reckon it's a bit similar to theirs, by the sounds.

BBC One's breakfast show ran an ad back in 2016 in a similar style, with the hosts talking to the viewers, and another bloke named Jack who torched his toast.

They tweeted a side-by-side comparison of the two ads on Saturday morning.


"We thought this looked familiar," they wrote.

A Nine spokesman told that the ad was no longer running on TV.

“The promo ran for a short period over the summer period and hasn’t been on air for more than two weeks,” he said.

We can at least come to one conclusion: blokes named Jack should probably keep away from the toaster.