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Barnaby Joyce Bounds In To Help

Deputy PM wades water to help woman

Barnaby Joyce Bounds In To Help

Image: Twitter Charles Croucher / Nine

The Deputy PM and Leader of the National Party has made headlines for many reasons - think Johnny Depp and his dogs Pistol and Boo - but today Barnaby Joyce has also been titled a rescuer after he helped a woman when she plunged into a water fountain.

The woman was using a walking stick to aide her along, inside the Members’ Hall at Parliament House in Canberra but she slipped and fell, after losing her footing.

The Deputy leader had no hesitation in jumping into the fountain - boots and all - to help her out.


Joyce was seen grabbing her walking stick and her legs and lifting her out, before others rushed to get the woman a chair.

He then promptly pulled off his water-filled boot and emptied it back into the fountain.

The woman was part of a delegation of Indigenous Australians, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum.

Thankfully, she's not thought to have any injuries albeit a good story to tell.