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Bad News If You Love To Party In Bali

Time to rethink that getaway?

Bad News If You Love To Party In Bali

Devastating news for Aussies who consider Indonesia as an unlimited booze-filled getaway: the country’s House Of Representatives is considering an alcohol ban.

A radical change could be coming to our favourite party island, as Indonesia tosses up a new law that would ban the production, distribution and consumption of beverages that contain more than one per cent of alcohol across the country.

The bill was introduced by two Islamic political parties, the United Development Party and the Prosperous Justice Party, and is being debated by Indonesia’s House of Representatives.

If passed, the law would be the first of its kind in Indonesia.

While the goal is to “protect citizens from the negative impacts of alcohol beverages,” the proposed nationwide ban may include exemptions for travellers, customary activities and religious rituals.

Indonesia’s tourism and hospitality industries are outraged; warning tourism would be crippled if the law gets the thumbs up.

“If the bill is passed, our business will be done. The tourists, who mostly come from Europe, drink alcohol all the time. It will be very inconvenient for them if they can't find alcohol," Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association head Hariyadi Sukamdani told The Jakarta Post.

Bali tourism office head A.A. Gede Yuniartha Putra agrees that this would be worrying for travellers. "Foreigners like to have a drink when they are here. This is going to seriously affect tourism."

So if you’ve been dreaming of a Bintang on the beach… the party could be over.