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Australians Eat More Salt Than Previously Thought

9.9 Grams A Day!

Australians Eat More Salt Than Previously Thought

Image: AAP

Next time you're at the dinner table, you may want to think twice before reaching for the salt.

We've all heard it before but this time health experts are seriously worried that we're a putting too much salt into our bodies. 

60% of Australians are consuming almost double the recommended daily intake set by the World Health Organisation, a study has revealed.

Researchers took two approaches to find out how much salt we actually eat.
When participants were asked to keep a journal of their intake, they found we eat about 6.4 grams per day. Which is above the daily recommendation of 5 grams. 

But when researchers double checked urine samples, they discovered we're eating a huge 9.9 grams of salt a day.

So where is all the salt coming from?
Well, apparently we're not aware of how much salt is in our foods and we also don't realise how much salt we're adding to our food.

Our favourite foods are to blame, with salt commonly hiding in breads, processed meats, soups, sauces and snacks.